SAE 85W - 140 GTR OILS

We have it in 1lt ,3lt , 4lt, 5lt , 7lt 16lt, 20lt & 200lt plastic/metalic packagings

ForceMax 85W-140 is a full synthetic SAE 85W-140 fluid developed specifically to meet  extended drain intervals requirements and is approved for use in all commercial manual and automated manual transmissions. It can be recommended in other manual transmissions requiring API GL-5 and is particularly suitable for severe applications where loads and temperatures are higher .

MAN 341 Z5
MB-Approval 235.41
ZF TE-ML 01E, 02E, 16P


Density at 15°CASTM D4052g/ml0.905
Kinematic viscosity at 40°CASTM D445mm2/s415
Kinematic viscosity at 100°CASTM D445mm2/s26.5
Viscosity IndexASTM D227086
Pour PointASTM D6892°C-18
Flash Point COCASTM D92°C215

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ForceMax Motor Oils